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VBS Registration Tips

Here are some tips for making your Registration Table and Welcome Areas into friendly, memorable experiences.

Checklist for registration

  • Copies of the VBS roster which lists the names of the classifications to help direct participants to their groups

  • All necessary forms, including registration form with emergency contacts, special needs considerations, and notes about any food allergies

  • A sign-up sheet for families to receive the church newsletter and/or info on other programs

  • VBS T-shirts

  • Nametags and nametag holders

  • Markers

Tips for late arrivals

  • Keep the Registration Area staffed for checking in participants who arrive to VBS late.

  • If your VBS is a classroom format, have one team member in each class be responsible for making sure late arrivals are checked in; this person could also be responsible for giving the number of participants in the classroom to those in charge of crafts, snacks, and games.

Welcome Areas

  • Reserve parking spots/areas for visitors. Provide plenty of colorful, easy-to-follow signage for all areas of importance (registration, restrooms, exits, etc.).

  • Assign greeters to welcome everyone as they come in. Provide leader t-shirts for your greeters. Be sure they can answer questions about class locations and give directions to the assembly area.

  • Anticipate how to respond to kids who are reluctant to leave their families.

  • Be prepared to address family requests regarding physical contact, special needs, and dietary restrictions.

  • Have a small gift, memento, or other special give-away ready for parents of first-time visitors. VBS and/or church-specific items such as fun magnets, stickers, bookmarks, or the like should have event and contact info clearly visible.

  • Make sure every family feels welcomed and wanted. Demonstrate that you are genuinely happy they came!

  • Personally escort the family to the child’s group and introduce the leader. Ask for a friendly and responsible “buddy” to offer a warm welcome to the new child.