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Automatic Shipments


  • If you're setting up a new automatic shipment

    Click the link that says Click here to add a new shipping address. Enter all of the shipping address information, then click Submit. On the next screen, review all available products and select the quantities for each item in your automatic shipment.

  • If you already have an automatic shipment

    The first screen will also list any shipping addresses attached to your account that currently have an automatic shipment tied to them. Each shipping address represents a unique automatic shipment order. You can click Edit to the right of the address to edit the shipping address, or click the shipping address to view/change your automatic shipment items or quantities. On the next screen, you will see all available products. If you only want to view the items that you currently have on automatic shipment, click View Existing Order.

  • How do I submit my changes to my curriculum automatic shipment?

    Once you have entered all of the correct quantities for your automatic Shipment, click Continue Order at the bottom of the page. You will be presented with a page that will summarize your quantities for all items on your order, with the changes that you made listed in red. Once you have confirmed your quantities, click Continue Order. You will be asked for information needed to document who made the changes. Once you submit this information, you will see your updated automatic shipment on the website within 24 hours.

  • I do not see the items from my curriculum automatic shipment listed.

    Some automatic shipments with unique shipping requirements cannot be handled through the website. If you don’t see your items, please contact Customer Care at 1-800-672-1789.

  • I do not want to receive materials for one quarter. Do I need to cancel my order?

    You have the option to skip a quarter. Click on the box next to the quarter that you would like to skip, and submit your change. Please note these requests will need to be submitted prior to the deadline to make changes for said quarter. Deadlines for the coming quarters are as follows:

    Summer 4/5/19

    Fall 7/5/19

    Winter 10/4/19

    Spring 1/11/20

  • How much will the shipping charge be for my automatic order?

    The shipping charge for your automatic shipment will be $6.95 no matter the size of the order.