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Connecting Life and Faith

Current studies with online delivery, on demand.

Print curriculum can take more than a year to write, produce, and move into distribution. By the time you get it, the current events it addresses are not current anymore. For ready-to-use lessons that connect faith to news events and to issues in the culture and in the church, you need the electronic delivery of FaithLink.

FaithLink is a weekly resource designed for use in small groups or Sunday school classes. FaithLink offers:

  • Application of faith to major current events and life issues
  • Convenient online delivery
  • Printer- or copier-reproducible materials for in-class use

Each issue contains four reproducible pages of background information and core Bible passages on the current topic, plus two pages of suggested group activities and discussion questions. The work is already done for you. Enjoy home delivery of lessons that are completely prepared and ready to go.

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FaithLink is available by e-mail subscription by calling (800) 672-1789; it will be delivered to you every week automatically.

  • $9.99 per issue for e-mail subscription (billed monthly)
  • New subscribers receive first month FREE!
  • Call (800) 672-1789 to start your weekly subscription now.

You can also download any current or past issue of FaithLink for a $9.99 charge per download.

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