School Detail
Fuller Theological Seminary - Pasadena Campus
135 N. Oakland Ave
Pasadena, CA 91182

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TermCourse NumberDescription
Spring 2014 CH-500 Early Church History
Spring 2014 CH-502 Medieval and Reformation History
Spring 2014 CH-801/579 The Church in Modern Society`
Spring 2014 CN-535 Grief, Loss, Death & Dying
Spring 2014 CN-553 Pastoral Care & Abuse
Spring 2014 CO-500 Communication (Dementyev)
Spring 2014 ET-501 Christian Ethics
Spring 2014 EV-543 Conversion & Process of Change
Spring 2014 GM-522 Leadership in Context
Spring 2014 LG-512 A/B/C Beginning Greek (Kiefer)
Spring 2014 LG-512C Beginning Readings in NT Greek (Sousa)
Spring 2014 LG-512C Beginning Readings in NT Greek (Reardon)
Spring 2014 LG-834/534 Ugaritic 2: Special Topics in Ugaritology
Spring 2014 NE-506 New Testament Exegesis: 2 Corinthians
Spring 2014 NE-517 Galatians
Spring 2014 NS-500 New Testament I: Gospels and Acts
Spring 2014 NS-501 New Testament 2: Romans-Revelation
Spring 2014 NT-500 New Testament Introduction
Spring 2014 NT-556 Jesus, The Church, and Violence
Spring 2014 OT-500 Writings as Introduction to the OT (Goldingay)
Spring 2014 OT-506 OT Exegesis: Jeremiah
Spring 2014 OT-507 OT Exegesis: Psalms
Spring 2014 OT-567 Lamentations
Spring 2014 OT-856/556 OT Hermeneutics Seminar
Spring 2014 PH-563 Philosophical & Theological Views of Human Nature/
Spring 2014 PM-837/537 Migration, Transnationalism, Identity, Mission
Spring 2014 PR-500 Homiletics
Spring 2014 SP-500 Spiritual Traditions & Practices
Spring 2014 ST-501 Systematic Theology I: Theology & Anthropology
Spring 2014 ST-502 Systematic Theology 2: Christology & Soteriology
Spring 2014 ST-503 Systematic Theology 3: Ecclesiology & Eschatology
Spring 2014 TC-500 Theology & Culture
Spring 2014 TC-865/865 Worship and Culture

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