Course Detail
Saint Paul School of Theology

Term: Fall 2013
Course #: THL 450 AKV
Course Description: Theology of Paul Tillich
Professor: Chun

ImportanceProduct #TitlePrice Purchase 
Required 9780060937133 Dynamics of Faith $10.79
Required 9780195002225 Love, Power, and Justice $19.99
Required 9780226803371 Systematic Theology Volume 1 $22.50
Required 9780226803418 Biblical Religion and the Search for Ultimate Reality $15.00
Required 9780300084719 The Courage to Be $9.32
Required 9780800627614 Christianity and the Encounter of World Religions $13.00
Required 9780803294585 The New Being $14.95
Required 9781620322949 The Shaking of the Foundations $19.58
Recommended 9780671214265 A History of Christian Thought $26.85

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