Course Detail
Fuller Theological Seminary - Pasadena Campus

Term: May 2013
Course #: ML-560
Course Description: Change Dynamics
Professor: Trebesch
Two Week Intensive Course May 13-24.

ImportanceProduct #TitlePrice Purchase 
Required 9781566992886 Memories, Hopes, and Conversations $16.02
Required 9781578514373 Leadership on the Line $25.49
Required 9780738213804 Managing Transitions $12.20
Required 9781422186435 Leading Change $22.99
Choose one of these.
One choice required 9781412978866 Organization Change $69.00
One choice required 9780879461089 Building Communities from the Inside Out $21.79
One choice required 9780974181806 Bridging Strategies--Leadership Perspectives for Introducing Change [Adobe Ebook] $7.49
One choice required 9781576754931 Appreciative Inquiry Handbook $49.95

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