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Term: Spring 2014
Course #: MT-500
Course Description: Biblical Theology of Mission
Professor: Mainiero

ImportanceProduct #TitlePrice Purchase 
Required 9780801026263 Announcing the Kingdom $30.00
Required 9780801031410 A Light to the Nations $16.79
Choose one of these.
Choice Required 9780801026485 Introducing World Missions $24.99
Choice Required 9780830825714 The Mission of God $35.99
Choose this or selection related to final paper.
Choice Required 9781610973342 Footprints of God $29.00
Choose one of these.
One choice required 9781570754258 Gospel Bearers, Gender Barriers $20.99
One choice required 9780801027055 Transforming Worldviews $24.99
One choice required 9781570757716 Paradigm Shifts in Christian Witness $25.49

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