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Term: Winter 2013
Course #: ST-502
Course Description: Systematic Theology 2: Christology & Soteriology
Professor: Peacore

ImportanceProduct #TitlePrice Purchase 
Required 9780802842572 Christology in the Making $35.55
Required 9780802847553 Theology for the Community of God $30.24
Required 9780801026218 Christology $24.92
Choose one special topic text.
One choice required 9780830827817 Justification $20.16
One choice required 9780802827678 I Believe in the Holy Spirit $15.84
One choice required 9780830815715 Recovering the Scandal of the Cross $17.00
One choice required 9780830825707 The Nature of the Atonement $15.84
One choice required 9780830827473 Who Can Be Saved? $25.28
Choose one contextual/intercultural text.
One choice required 9781570755378 Jesus of Africa $21.00
One choice required 9781592445622 The Holy Spirit and Liberation $26.00
One choice required 9781592440979 Faces of Jesus $22.00
One choice required 9781556358036 The Role of Women's Experience in Feminist Theologies of Atonement $28.00
One choice required 9780883448335 Asian Faces of Jesus $25.20

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