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Term: Winter 2013
Course #: CH-504
Course Description: Modern Church History (Carter)
Professor: Carter
Some student choice Latin America, Africa, Asia/Australia texts are either out of print or otherwise unavailable at

ImportanceProduct #TitlePrice Purchase 
Required 9780687006052 The Modern Church $18.75
Required 9780830828470 The New Shape of World Christianity $19.75
Required 9780199767465 Next Christendom $15.95
Choose either one from Latin America, OR
Choice Required 9780631189145 Tongues of Fire $51.95
Choice Required 9780521681926 Christianity in Latin America $28.99
One from Africa, OR
Choice Required 9781570757907 Beyond Christendom $27.65
Choice Required 9780802808431 A History of Christianity in Africa $30.02
Choice Required 9780883447031 West African Christianity $28.00
Choice Required 9780253212047 African Christianity $26.00
Choice Required 9780198263999 The Church in Africa 1450-1950 (Ohcc) $210.00
One from Asia/Australia
Choice Required 9780521046916 Protestantism in Contemporary China $66.00
Choice Required 9781596980259 Jesus in Beijing $12.20
Choice Required 9781405159555 A New History of Christianity in China $43.95
Choice Required 9780804736510 Christianity in China $36.95
Choice Required 9781570751622 A History of Christianity in Asia $31.60
Choice Required 9781570757013 A History of Christianity in Asia $31.60
Choice Required 9780670057696 Christianity in India $18.00
Choice Required 9780791432488 Christ & Caesar in Modern Korea $21.95

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