Course Detail
Fuller Theological Seminary - Pasadena Campus

Term: Winter 2013
Course #: WS-518
Course Description: Worship Ministry on the Lord's Day
Professor: Johnson
Visit the campus Cokesbury Bookstore for the Course Reader.
A book or worship and a hymnal/songbook of your choice is required.

ImportanceProduct #TitlePrice Purchase 
Required 9780687091096 Introduction to Christian Worship Third Edition $22.77
Required 9781587430329 The Conviction of Things Not Seen $28.00
Required 9781878009593 Two Ways of Praying $19.95
Required 9780801038747 The Worship Architect $17.99
Required 9781587432958 Living Worship DVD $22.39
Optional 9780687010325 Alabadle! $12.72
Optional 9780687056521 Worship Across Cultures $17.41
Optional 9780687646227 African American Christian Worship $12.72
Optional 9780802809834 Gather Into One $24.89
Choose one of these.
One choice required 9780800662332 Christian Worship $34.00
One choice required 9780814630785 From Age to Age $21.56

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