Course Detail
Fuller Theological Seminary - Pasadena Campus

Term: Spring 2014
Course #: PR-500
Course Description: Homiletics
Professor: Gordon

ImportanceProduct #TitlePrice Purchase 
Required 9780664229436 The Witness of Preaching Second Edition $18.72
Required 9780687104901 Designing the Sermon $11.99
Required 9780827229532 Patterns of Preaching $21.99
ONE of these is required.
One choice required 9780664224813 Power in the Pulpit $14.49
One choice required 9780817013035 Preaching the Presence of God $12.79
One choice required 9780827202306 Birthing the Sermon $22.90
One choice required 9780687088508 PĂșlpito $14.79

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