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Fuller Theological Seminary - Online & Distance Courses

Term: Fall 2012
Course #: CH-500
Course Description: Early Church History
Professor: Feldmeth

ImportanceProduct #TitlePrice Purchase 
Required 9780060649524 A History of Christianity $25.99
Required 9780192880710 Documents of the Christian Church $29.95
Required 9780800614102 The Trinitarian Controversy $24.00
Required 9780800614140 Biblical Interpretation in the Early Church $25.00
Required 9780830827039 Pocket Dictionary of Church History $7.11
Required 9780814653326 Women In the Early Church $17.96
Optional 9780192802903 The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church $200.00
Optional 9780826452528 Early Christian Doctrines $55.00

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