Course Detail
Fuller Theological Seminary - Pasadena Campus

Term: Spring 2013
Course #: LG-512 A/B/C
Course Description: Beginning Greek (Lappenga)
Professor: Lappenga
This is a 3-quarter course - Fall 2012, Winter 2013, Spring 2013

ImportanceProduct #TitlePrice Purchase 
Required 9780226039336 A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature $175.00
Required 9780310287674 Basics of Biblical Greek Workbook $17.99
Required 9780310287681 Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar $39.79
Optional 9780801021800 Lexical AIDS for Students of New Testament Greek $10.79
Optional 9780801021817 It's Still Greek to Me $23.00
Optional 9780310218951 Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics $39.79
Choose one of these.
One choice required 9783438051004 Novum Testamentum Graece $29.51
One choice required 9783438051103 Greek New Testament 4th Edition $31.79

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