Course Detail
Saint Paul School of Theology

Term: Fall 2012
Course #: NTS 432
Course Description: Reading Romans Interpreting Declaration of Human R
Professor: Kamudzandu

ImportanceProduct #TitlePrice Purchase 
Required 9780061228407 The HarperCollins Study Bible New Revised Standard Version $27.99
Required 9780800612245 Paul Among Jews and Gentiles, and Other Essays $19.00
Required 9780800638603 Solving the Romans Debate $24.49
Required 9780800663575 Paul in Fresh Perspective $20.99
Required 9780830838639 Justification $15.84
Optional 9780687064038 Global Bible Commentary $27.99
Optional 9780800697280 Theocracy in Paul's Praxis and Theology $18.00

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