Course Detail
United Theological Seminary

Term: Spring 2014
Course #: NT521-DA-o-D
Course Description: Introduction to the NT I (Leslie)
Professor: Leslie
HarperCollins Study Bible required if you do not already have it, the Oxford Annotated Bible, or The New Interpreter's Study Bible.

ImportanceProduct #TitlePrice Purchase 
Required 9780687064038 Global Bible Commentary $28.13
Required 9780800629823 The Challenge of Diversity $19.00
Required 9780802837172 Introducing the New Testament $31.68
Required 9781585169429 RSV English Synopsis of the Four Gospels $35.99
Required 9780801046407 Elements of Biblical Exegesis $15.83
Choose print or paperback if needed.
Choice Required 9780060786830 HarperCollins Study Bible New Revised Study Version Student $37.99
Choice Required 9780060786847 HarperCollins Study Bible New Revised Standard Version $32.99

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