Course Detail
United Theological Seminary

Term: Fall 2014
Course #: PW504 Section 1 Intensive 1
Course Description: Work of Worship
Professor: Eslinger

ImportanceProduct #TitlePrice Purchase 
Required 9780385133685 Models of the Church $10.80
Required 9780687035724 The United Methodist Book of Worship $30.99
Required 9780687090778 Let the Whole Church Say Amen! $15.40
Required 9780687091096 Introduction to Christian Worship Third Edition $22.77
Required 9780687277605 The New Handbook of the Christian Year $24.11
Required 9780881772012 By Water and the Spirit $7.00
Required 9780881774573 This Holy Mystery $9.80
Required 9782825407097 Baptism Eucharist and Ministry $6.95
Optional 9780687646227 African American Christian Worship $12.72
Optional 9780802828545 A More Profound Alleluia: Theology and Worship in Harmony $14.40
Optional 9780800662332 Christian Worship $34.00

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