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Infusion Bible eStudies are downloadable small group studies that can be read online, printed, or emailed. Each study includes a leader guide and a study guide and is suitable for a one-hour group Bible study. the words of the Scripture, and in them discover God's message for you today. a brief verbal snapshot from the scrapbook of contemporary life and discover its connection both to you and to the Scripture passage.

Live...inside the Scripture to discover its context and message; then allow the Scripture to come alive in you and cause you to live out your faith in new and more-effective ways.

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A betrayal of trust is among the most painful occurrences in life. It is one thing for a stranger or an enemy to hurt us; but when a spouse, family member, or one-time ally turns against us, the hurt is magnified many times. That is why adultery is so disturbing. It is something that shakes us to the core.

The Israelites had a trust, a covenant with God. The Lord, in love, had delivered them from Egyptian bondage. God had led them through the sea and the wilderness and had given them a land flowing with milk and honey, a land with vineyards and oliveyards they had not planted. In gratitude they had pledged their fidelity to the Lord. Out of all the gods, they would serve and worship him alone, they said (See Lesson Four.). But the people betrayed that trust. They committed adultery against God. They “lusted after other gods and bowed down to them” (Joshua 2:17).

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