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Infusion Bible eStudies are downloadable small group studies that can be read online, printed, or emailed. Each study includes a leader guide and a study guide and is suitable for a one-hour group Bible study. the words of the Scripture, and in them discover God's message for you today. a brief verbal snapshot from the scrapbook of contemporary life and discover its connection both to you and to the Scripture passage.

Live...inside the Scripture to discover its context and message; then allow the Scripture to come alive in you and cause you to live out your faith in new and more-effective ways.

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As it happens, I am writing this lesson on the day before Christmas. As I read and re-read the Bible Lesson, then contemplate that in a few hours I will sit in a service where we will watch shepherds and wise men and the Holy Family, I smile at the disconnect between Chapter 5 of Revelation and the manger scene. What does that birth site have to do with a scene where “myriads of myriads and thousands of thousands” (Revelation 5:11) bow in adoration?

Then I remind myself that, in truth, the two scenes fit together perfectly. Neither scene is complete without the other. By itself, the manger scene is a lovely and sentimental story, which is the way much of our culture insists on treating the Christmas season. Yet, if there were no manger scene, the triumph portrayed in the Book of Revelation would not be able to reveal the full wonder of God’s love. God’s victory began, not with a display of massive power, but with the humility displayed in God’s willingness to enter our world as a helpless, newborn child.

At Christmas we sing, “O come, let us adore him.” In God’s good time, a chorus beyond numbering will be singing that song.

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