Infusion Bible eStudies: Timetables of Life



Infusion Bible eStudies are downloadable small group studies that can be read online, printed, or emailed. Each study includes a leader guide and a study guide and is suitable for a one-hour group Bible study. the words of the Scripture, and in them discover God's message for you today. a brief verbal snapshot from the scrapbook of contemporary life and discover its connection both to you and to the Scripture passage.

Live...inside the Scripture to discover its context and message; then allow the Scripture to come alive in you and cause you to live out your faith in new and more-effective ways.

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Here is a marvelous prediction: Even though this lesson is being written nearly fifteen months before you will read it, I guarantee that on April 30 in Mitchell, South Dakota, the sun will be shining, the grass will be a rich new green, the trees will be budding and flowering, and the glorious fresh fragrance of true spring will be filling the air. I wish you could join me; we could go on a picnic.

The reason I know it will be/is true is because this is the season when that weather happens (just as January 5 is 20 below, icy, with a cutting north wind). The weather cannot help itself. After a long winter in the northland, spring is gorgeous and lingering in its invitation to come outside and enjoy all that the earth has to offer.

You know seasons as well. Even if you live in an area that never sees the “white stuff,” you can tell when it is winter or summer. Signs and nuances of life exist that alert us to the changes that naturally occur. Everything has a season—even human beings. The seasons of our lives are just as important as those of the earth. In our Bible Lesson we are invited to see those seasons and changes as part of God’s time, as well as our own.

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