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Infusion Bible eStudies are downloadable small group studies that can be read online, printed, or emailed. Each study includes a leader guide and a study guide and is suitable for a one-hour group Bible study. the words of the Scripture, and in them discover God's message for you today. a brief verbal snapshot from the scrapbook of contemporary life and discover its connection both to you and to the Scripture passage.

Live...inside the Scripture to discover its context and message; then allow the Scripture to come alive in you and cause you to live out your faith in new and more-effective ways.

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When our son Adam was two years old and things were not going well for him in his relationship with Mommy or Daddy—He did not get the cookie he wanted or get to play with something that was a little too advanced for him—he never whined or stomped his feet. The most dramatic action that he could think of consisted of cramming himself tightly in the corner of a room, with his face up against the wall, and announcing, “I’m not looking at you!” Apparently, he believed the worst punishment he could inflict on his wicked parents was to deny them the joy of gazing on his little round cheeks, huge blue eyes, and whatever he had spilled on the front of his shirt (usually apple juice or jelly).

We laughed that Adam expressed his dissatisfaction with us by standing in the corner until he cooled off. However, what he did shows clearly that the way we react to a broken relationship is woven deep into our being. Like Adam, we adults sometimes will not even look at each other when we have torn a relationship. Today we will consider how two brothers got past the long-standing tear in their relationship and were reconciled to each other. It will not surprise us to learn that forgiveness played a critical role.

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