Infusion Bible eStudies: How Can I Pray for Them?



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Paul begins our Bible Lesson by urging that prayers be offered for “everyone” (1 Timothy 2:1). Have you considered what a tall order that is? Dr. Edward Bosworth, professor of New Testament at the Oberlin Theological Seminary, was known for his faithfulness in prayer. A man whose daughter was having some emotional problems wrote to Dr. Bosworth asking him to include “Mary” in his daily prayers. In his reply, Dr. Bosworth expressed his concern for Mary but said it was impossible for him to include her on his prayer list because the list was already full. He went on to say:

I do not think I should have more people on my list than I can attend to thoughtfully and prayerfully in the period of my day that is specifically set aside for that purpose. A man must mean business with all of the prayers of his mind and spirit when he lifts another person in prayer to God. When there is a vacancy on my list, I will include Mary.1

If that reply strikes us as odd, it may be because we do not approach prayer with the energy and confidence Dr. Bosworth did. Nonetheless, his response to the request also reminds us that seriously praying for “everyone” is a human impossibility. Still, everyone is the word Paul used; and we can learn something meaningful about prayer by considering his urgent counsel.

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