Checklist of Recommended Resources

Cokesbury is devoted to serving you as you serve the Church. We are committed to giving you assistance in the growth of your ministry. In doing this, we have created a checklist of recommended resources for specific committees of the United Methodist Church. These resources will give first-time or long-term committee members guidance in the gifts they already possess to accomplish their goals for the ministry of the church

Adult Ministries PDF
Mission statement: to work with other leaders in fulfilling the church’s mission of helping persons become disciples of Jesus Christ; to address the concerns and conditions of adults in your church and community so that the adults may grow in their understanding of themselves and the Christian faith, and that their quality of life may be improved.
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Children PDF
Statement: Children's Ministry can help you create a church where children experience God's love, feel included in the life of the congregation, and have the opportunities to grow in their faith.
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Electronic Resources PDF
Mission Statement: To enhance the worship service by providing more practical guidance for planning and conducting contemporary worship celebrations.
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Lay Ministry PDF
Mission statement: To empower laypersons for service using their gifts in their congregations and in their communities and that assist laypersons in recognizing, developing and sharing their gifts
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Youth Ministry PDF
Mission Statement: Youth Ministry is a process, not a program, by which youth are led to a deeper relationship with Christ and a deeper commitment to the work of the church in the world. It is a process that transforms people from being willing participants in church programs to being people whose lives are committed to being the body of Jesus Christ.
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Worship Supplies & Resources PDF
Mission Statement: To plan worship appropriate to church's needs by collaborating with the pastor and music leaders and help develop and support effective musical leadership in the church.
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