The twenty-one sets of images below can be purchased for use or adaptation in your own worship celebrations. These graphics were created by the talented Design Team at Ginghamsburg to add visual enhancement to many of the worship celebrations included in The Handbook of Multi-Sensory Worship. Each set of images is labeled with the name of the worship celebration to which it corresponds.

Using the Images in Your Own Celebrations

Each set of graphics contains a main image and one or more variations of that image. These images can be used in conjunction with the celebrations in this book or adapted for use in your own worship setting. By using a graphics program like Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro(Win), you can combine these graphics with your own words and images. You can also use a presentation program like Microsoft PowerPoint to add captions to the images for use in slide presentations. The Wired Church by Len Wilson and Jason Moore (Abingdon Press, 1999) provides a detailed guide for making your worship celebrations multi-sensory, including how to develop a mission for media ministry; how to design effective media; how to build an effective design team; and how to buy the equipment you will need.

Images were created by the Design Team at Ginghamsburg United Methodist Church. Team members include Kim Miller, Mike Slaughter, Len Wilson, Mike Lyons, and Jason Moore.




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