PowerXpress (Rotation)
PowerXpress (Rotation)
Immerse your children in the Bible with a Rotational curriculum from Cokesbury! Ideal for churches using a rotation format where children alternate between learning stations each week. Engage children in Bible stories and characters by using your volunteers' skills as artists, cooks, musicians, technicians, or fun-loving teachers!

Designed for children in kindergarten through sixth grade, this curriculum provides complete lesson plans, scripts, and activities, as well as ideas for station setups, and a complete listing of resources needed.

PowerXpress units vary in availability between print versions and downloadable versions. This allows greater flexibility for your program.

The print units include a music CD, print music, and lyric transparencies.

The downloadable units only include print music. The music CD will need to be purchased separately. Some of our downloadable units are available for purchase by individual station OR the whole unit - you decide!

Whole unit includes eight stations:
UM Curriculum Resources Committee Approved

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All Children

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