Richard Rohr
Richard Rohr, a Franciscan priest, internationally known inspirational speaker and author, is founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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Other Selections by Richard Rohr

TitlePublication Date
A Lever and a Place to Stand 05/2011
Adam's Return 11/2004
Breathing Under Water 03/2005
Breathing Under Water 09/2011
Breathing Under Water 11/2011
Breathing Under Water 07/2015
Dancing Standing Still 03/2014
de Hombre Salvaje a Hombre Sabio 09/2011
Eager to Love 07/2014
Eager to Love Audiobook 07/2014
El Anillo Maravilloso 12/2010
Embracing an Alternative Orthodoxy DVD 04/2014
Embracing an Alternative Orthodoxy Kit 04/2014
Embracing an Alternative Orthodoxy Participant's Workbook 04/2014
Everything Belongs 03/2003
Falling Upward 04/2011
Falling Upward Companion Journal 01/2013
Fire from Heaven 01/2007
Francis and Jesus 02/2013
From Wild Man to Wise Man 08/2005
Grace in Action 10/1994
Great Themes of Paul 01/2006
Healing Our Violence Through the Journey of Centering Prayer 11/2002
Hope Against Darkness 11/2002
Hope and Help for Living with Illness 10/2012
Immortal Diamond 01/2013
Immortal Diamond 09/2013
Immortal Diamond 09/2013
In the Footsteps of St. Paul 03/2015
Into Your Hand 12/2014
Jesus and His Church 05/2014
Jesus' Plan for a New World 03/1996
Job and the Mystery of Suffering 03/1998
Letting Go 06/2005
Men & Women 01/2000
Men and Women 01/2006
New Great Themes of Scripture 01/2005
On Church 03/2007
On Pilgrimage 05/2014
On the Threshold of Transformation 09/2010
Preparing for Christmas 07/2007
Preparing for Christmas 09/2012
Preparing for Christmas(2cds) 11/2011
Presence and Encounter 09/2014
Quest for the Grail 02/1997
Rebuild the Church 01/2005
Richard Rohr on Scripture 01/2005
Richard Rohr on Transformation 09/2005
Sermon on the Mount 07/2013
Silent Compassion 11/2013
Silent Compassion 01/2014
Silent Compassion 03/2014
Simplicity 05/2004
Soul Brothers 01/2004
The Change That Changes Everything (2 DVD set) 04/2011
The Enneagram 09/2001
The Good News According to Luke 03/2002
The Great Themes of Scripture 03/1988
The Great Themes of Scripture Old Testament 08/1987
The Human Spirit and the Times We Live In (2 DVD set) (DVD) 12/2015
The Naked Now 09/2009
The Spiritual Family and the Natural Family 05/2014
Things Hidden 11/2007
Things Hidden 09/2011
True Self, False Self 05/2003
What the Mystics Know 04/2015
Why Be Catholic? 09/1989
Wondrous Encounters 11/2010
Wondrous Encounters 04/2011
Yes, And... 08/2013