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Other Selections by Susie Poole

TitlePublication Date
A Christmas Journey 09/2014
A Time for Everything 06/2012
A Time for Everything 02/2014
All These Things 06/2012
All These Things 02/2014
Always Near Me 06/2012
Always Near Me 02/2014
Daisy Day 10/2008
Let It Grow 10/2008
My Baby Is Loved 03/2010
Sister Lucy's Great Big Family 03/2010
Sleepy Jesus 09/2002
Tapestry 01/2012
The Amazing Journey 03/2007
The Amazing Journey 02/2014
The First Rainbow 05/2009
The Lion Storyteller Book of Animal Tales 07/2003
The Play-Along Bible 03/2016
Whatever Is Lovely 09/2006
Whatever Is Lovely 02/2014
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