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Other Selections by Judson Poling

TitlePublication Date
A Little Charity 07/2002
A Perspective on Spring 07/2002
Bible 101 Cover to Cover 07/2000
Bible 101 Interpretation 05/2000
Date of the Weak 07/2002
Do Science and the Bible Conflict? 09/2003
Fight Study Guide 10/2013
Fully Devoted: Living Each Day in Jesus' Name 09/2000
Gifts: The Joy of Serving God 09/2000
Giving a Blessing Vignettes 07/2002
Giving: Unlocking the Heart of Good Stewardship 09/2000
Grace: An Invitation to a Way of Life 09/2000
Groups: The Life-Giving Power of Community 09/2000
Growth: Training vs. Trying 09/2000
Handlers 02/2004
Heroic Delusion 07/2002
How Does Anyone Know God Exists? 09/2003
How Reliable Is the Bible? 09/2003
Jeopardized Faith 02/2004
Jeopardized Religion 07/2002
Lightening Leadership 07/2002
No Clue 07/2002
Pastor General 07/2002
Pastor General 07/2002
Pastor General 07/2002
Premarital Flutter 07/2002
Self-List Giving 07/2002
The Advisory Board 07/2002
The Be-With Factor 03/2006
The Be-With Factor Student Guide 03/2006
The Way of a Disciple: Walking with Jesus 11/2016
The Work of a Disciple: Living Like Jesus 11/2016
Tough Questions Leader's Guide 09/2003
What Difference Does Jesus Make? 09/2003