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Other Selections by Michael Phillips

TitlePublication Date
A Day to Pick Your Own Cotton [ePub Ebook] 05/2003
A Home for the Heart 09/2012
A Place in the Sun 02/2012
Angel Harp 01/2011
Angels Watching Over Me [ePub Ebook] 01/2003
Daughter of Grace 07/2011
Destiny Junction 01/2005
Dream of Freedom 02/2005
Dream of Life 04/2006
Escape to Freedom 03/2007
From Across the Ancient Waters 02/2012
From Across the Ancient Waters [ePub Ebook] 02/2012
George MacDonald 10/2015
George MacDonald 10/2015
Green Hills of Snowdonia 06/2013
Heather Song 09/2011
Into the Long Dark Night 05/2012
Jesus, an Obedient Son 08/2002
Land of the Brave and the Free 09/2012
Miss Katie's Rosewood [ePub Ebook] 07/2007
My Father's World 04/2011
Never Too Late [ePub Ebook] 01/2007
Sea to Shining Sea 06/2012
The Green Hills of Snowdonia [ePub Ebook] 06/2013
The Inheritance 04/2016
The Inheritance 04/2016
The Treasure of the Celtic Triangle 08/2012
The Treasure of the Celtic Triangle 08/2012
Together is All We Need [ePub Ebook] 05/2004
Your Life in Christ 06/2005