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Other Selections by J. Dwight Pentecost

TitlePublication Date
A Harmony of the Words & Works of Jesus Christ 12/1981
Armonia de los Evangelios = A Harmony of the Words and Words of Jesus Christ 05/2009
Design for Discipleship 02/1996
Design for Living 03/1999
Designed to Be Like Him 05/2001
Eventos del Porvenir 05/1984
Faith That Endures 10/2000
Joy of Living 10/1996
Life's Problem--God's Solutions 06/1998
New Wine 02/2010
The Joy of Fellowship 04/2007
The Miracles of Jesus According to John 07/2010
The Parables of Jesus 11/1998
The Road to Armageddon 07/2004
The Words and Works of Jesus Christ 07/1981
Things to Come 07/1965
Things Which Become Sound Doctrine 06/1996
Thy Kingdom Come 09/1995
Your Adversary, the Devil 04/1997