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Other Selections by John Henry Newman

TitlePublication Date
An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine [Adobe Ebook] 01/2004
Apologia Pro Vita Sua 01/1946
Apologia Pro Vita Sua 01/1995
Apologia Pro Vita Sua 06/2005
Apologia Pro Vita Sua 12/2014
Apologia Pro Vita Sua [Adobe Ebook] 01/2004
Catena Aurea, 8 Volumes 05/2005
Church of the Fathers 02/2003
Comfort in Sorrow 01/1996
Discourses Addressed to Mixed Congregati 02/2003
Everyday Meditations 08/2013
Heart to Heart 11/2011
Life's Purpose 10/2010
Life's Purpose [ePub Ebook] 06/2011
Loss and Gain 05/2012
Mary the Second Eve 10/1991
Newman for Everyone 05/1996
Newman the Oratorian 03/2010
Selected Sermons, Prayers, and Devotions 05/1999
The Arians of the Fourth Century 07/1996
The Dream of Gerontius 10/2001
The Idea of a University 05/1999
The Quotable Newman 06/2013
The Treasury of Catholic Meditations 04/2014
Tracts for the Times 10/2013
Two Essays on Miracles 10/1998