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Other Selections by Patricia L. Nederveld

TitlePublication Date
A Better Thing to Do 07/1998
A Father's Wish 07/1998
A Girl Named Rebekah 07/1998
A Little Jar of Oil 07/1998
A Little Lunch 07/1998
A Lost Lamb 07/1998
A New Friend 07/1998
A Rainy, Rainy Day 01/1998
A Ride in the Night 07/1998
A Scary Storm 07/1998
A Tall Wall 07/1998
A Very Sad Day 07/1998
A Wonderful Sight 07/1998
An Amazing Star 07/1998
Blue and Green and Purple Too! 01/1998
Come to Me! 07/1998
Count the Stars! 07/1998
David and the Giant 07/1998
Follow Me! 07/1998
Get Up and Walk 07/1998
God Loves Me Christmas Stories 05/2000
God Loves Me Favorite New Testament Stories 05/2000
God Loves Me Favorite Old Testament Stories 05/2000
God Loves Me Storybooks 10/2015
Good News 07/1998
Goodbye for Now 07/1998
Have a Great Day 07/1998
Hosanna 07/1998
I Love You, Jesus 07/1998
I'll Do It 07/1998
Jesus Is Born 07/1998
Just Believe 07/1998
Lions & Bears 07/1998
Lions, Lions! 07/1998
Over the Wall 07/1998
Sad Day Happy Day 07/1998
Safe at Last 07/1998
Safe in a Basket 07/1998
Samuel! 07/1998
Thank You Jesus 07/1998
The Best Day Ever 07/1998
The Greatest Gift 07/1998
The Shipwreck 07/1998
Two Coats for Joseph 07/1998
Waiting, Waiting, Waiting! 07/1998
What is It? 07/1998
Who Is This Child? 07/1998
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