Other Selections by Gilbert Morris

TitlePublication Date
A Conspiracy of Ravens 08/2008
A Man for Temperance 09/2007
Angel Train 06/2009
Appomattox Saga Boxed Set 01/2010
As the Sparks Fly Upward 11/2011
Attack of the Amazons 10/1996
Battle of Lookout Mountain 08/1996
Blockade Runner 04/1996
Drummer Boy at Bull Run 05/2011
Edge of Honor 11/2001
Empress of the Underworld 02/1996
Encounter at Cold Harbor 02/1997
Escape with the Dream Maker 01/1997
Fire Over Atlanta 04/1997
Flight of the Eagles 02/1994
Gates of Neptune 09/1994
God's Handmaiden 02/2004
Honor in the Dust 08/2009
Joelle's Secret 11/2008
Last Cavaliers Trilogy 09/2013
Raina's Choice 06/2014
Rosa's Land 02/2013
Sabrina's Man 12/2013
Santa Fe Woman 09/2006
Seven Golden Vials 03/2003
Sonnet to a Dead Contessa 06/2009
Strange Creatures of Dr. Korbo 04/2000
Surrender 04/2012
Sword 08/2011
Temptations of Pleasure Island 09/2000
Terrible Beast of Zor 09/2000
The Alchemy 09/2004
The Angel of Bastogne 10/2005
The Caves That Time Forgot 05/1995
The Courtship 09/2007
The Dream 08/2006
The Eyes of Texas 03/2005
The Final Kingdom 05/1997
The Gallant Boys of Gettysburg 05/1996
The Homeplace 08/2005
The Immortelles 02/2004
The Mermaid in the Basement 12/2007
The Miracle 03/2007
The River Palace 01/2013
The River Palace (Large Print Printed Hardcover) 08/2013
The River Palace (Large Print Trade Paper) 08/2013
The River Queen 11/2011
The River Rose 06/2012
The River Rose (Large Print Printed Hardcover) 06/2012
The River Rose (Large Print Trade Paper) 06/2012
The Secret of Richmond Manor 08/1995
The Soldier Boys Discovery 01/1996
The Sword of Camelot 02/1995
The Tapestry 04/2005
The Western Justice Trilogy 04/2015
The Yellow Rose 06/2004
Victims of Nimbo 09/2000
Voyage of the Dolphin 05/1996
When the Heavens Fall 05/2010
Winged Raiders of the Desert 10/1995
Yankee Belles in Dixie 04/1995
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