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Other Selections by James V., S.J. Schall

TitlePublication Date
Christendon in Dublin, Irish Impressions, the New Jeruselum, a Short History of England 10/2001
Docilitas 10/2015
Leisure 10/2009
Liberating Logos 11/2014
Limits Pol Philosophy 06/1998
On the Principles of Taxing Beer 10/2015
Political Philosophy and Revelation 11/2013
Remembering Belloc 10/2013
Schall on Chesterton 06/2000
Sum Total of Human Happiness 12/2005
The Classical Moment 11/2014
The Intellectual Life 01/1998
The Praise of 'Sons of Bitches' 12/2014
What Does "Academic" Mean? 08/2015