Max McLean
Max McLean's life work has been to present the Scriptures dramatically both live, on radio, and via product sales, Max has performed the Bible for several million of people of all ages.. His radio program is heard on more than 670 radio outlets. He has written The Journey of Jesus, J. Countryman and earned an M.Div. from Alliance Theological Seminary, Nyack, NY.

Other Selections by Max McLean

TitlePublication Date
Classics of the Christian Faith 06/2007
Listener's Audio Bible-NIV 11/2015
Listener's Audio New Testament-KJV 11/2015
Listener's Audio New Testament-NIV 11/2015
Listener's Bible Mark's Gospel 2cd 01/2015
NIV Listener's Bible 11/2012
The Listener's Bible NIV 11/2012
The Pilgrim's Progress 06/2007
Unleashing the Word 11/2009
We Hold These Truths to Be Self-Evident 07/2005
William Wilberforce 04/2008