Other Selections by John Macduff

TitlePublication Date
A Book for the Bereaved 01/2013
A Book of Private Prayers 01/2013
A Trio of John Macduff 01/2013
Brief Thoughts for the Followers of Jesus 01/2013
Christ in the Covenant, or the Character and Claims of the Redeemer 01/2013
Clefts of the Rock, the Believer's Grounds of Confidence in Christ 01/2013
Communion Memories 01/2013
Evening Incense 01/2013
Eventide at Bethel & Noontide at Sychar 01/2013
Eventide at Bethel, an Old Testament Chapter in Providence and Grace 01/2013
Family Prayers 01/2013
Heavenly Aspirations! 01/2013
Hospice of the Pilgrim, the Great Rest-Word of Christ 01/2013
Memories of Bethany 01/2013
Memories of Gennesaret 01/2013
Memories of Olivet 01/2013
Noontide at Sychar, a New Testament Chapter in Procidence and Grace 01/2013
Palms of Elim, Rest and Refreshment in the Valleys 01/2013
Paul's Song of Songs 01/2013
Revelation, Memories of Patmos 01/2013
Sermons of John Macduff 12/2012
Sermons of John Macduff 01/2013
Sunsets on the Hebrew Mountains 01/2013
The Christian's Pathway 01/2013
The Cities of Refuge 01/2013
The Deer and the Water Brooks 01/2013
The Faithful Promiser 01/2013
The Footsteps of Jesus 01/2013
The Gates of Prayer 01/2013
The Grapes of Eschol 12/2012
The Great Journey 01/2013
The John Macduff Collection - Volume I, Insights on Jesus 12/2012
The John Macduff Collection Volume II 12/2012
The Mind of Jesus 01/2013
The Morning Watches 01/2013
The Morning Watches and the Night Watches 01/2013
The Night Watches 01/2013
The Pathway of Promise, Words of Comfort to the Christian Pilgrim 01/2013
The Pillar in the Night 01/2013
The Precepts of Jesus 01/2013
The Promised Land 01/2013
The Prophet of Fire, the Life and Times of Elijah, with Their Lessons 01/2013
The Rainbow in the Clouds 01/2013
The Shepherd and His Flock 01/2013
The Story of Naaman the Syrian, an Old Testament Chapter in Providence and Grace 01/2013
The Thoughts of God 01/2013
The Throne of Grace 01/2013
The Words of Jesus 01/2013
Thoughts for the Quiet Hour 01/2013