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Other Selections by Alfred McBride

TitlePublication Date
A Short History of the Mass 12/2006
All I Own I Owe 06/2014
Celebrating Mass 09/1999
Celebrating the Mass [ePub Ebook] 09/1999
Christ Our Compass 01/2014
Essentials of the Faith 08/2002
Father McBride's Teen Catechism 02/2002
Fr. McBride's Guide to the Bible 10/2008
Holding Jesus 08/2012
How to Pray Like Jesus and the Saints 09/2009
Staying Faithful Today 01/2011
Staying Faithful Today 06/2011
The Challenge of the Cross 10/2011
The Challenge of the Cross 12/2011
The Christ (Audio CD) 01/2012
The Gospel of the Holy Spirit 05/2013
The Holy Eucharist Prayer Book 03/2005
Unveiling the Apocalypse (Audio CD) 02/2012