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Other Selections by Patrick Madrid

TitlePublication Date
150 Bible Verses Every Catholic Should Know 07/2008
A Pocket Guide to Catholic Apologetics 03/2006
A Year with the Bible 09/2012
A Year with the Bible 09/2012
Answer Me This! 09/2003
Any Friend of God's, is a Friend of Mine 01/1996
Asombrado Por la Verdad / Surprised by Truth 11/2003
Camino Al Cielo 05/2016
Does the Bible Really Say That? 06/2006
Envoy for Christ 10/2012
Heart of a Disciple Audiobook 10/2013
How to Do Apologetics 03/2016
Journey to Heaven 05/2014
Journey to Heaven [ePub Ebook] 05/2014
More Catholic Than the Pope 09/2004
Now What? 02/2015
Nuts & Bolts 01/1999
On a Mission 09/2013
Search and Rescue 05/2001
Surprised by Truth 01/2008
Surprised by Truth 2 09/2000
The Godless Delusion 06/2010
What Am I Doing Here? 03/2016
Where is That in the Bible? 03/2001
Why is That in Tradition? 03/2002