Candy Carson
Candy Carson is the co-founder (with her husband Ben) of the Carson Scholars Fund, a charity that recognizes and rewards high academic achievement and demonstrated humanitarian qualities. This organization was created in response to the US crisis in education. With the over 4300 scholars in 42 states, peers of the scholarship winners are now striving for higher academic results as well.

Candy also serves on the board of the Shriver Concert Series of Johns Hopkins University. She has worked in editing, trust administration, insurance, and real estate, having earned her Masters in Business from Johns Hopkins.

While her 3 sons were in their early teen years, she along with them formed the Carson 4, a string quartet which has performed at churches, and community and charitable events, nationally and internationally. In her spare time, Candy still enjoys reading books and reading music on violin and piano.

She writes for THINK BIG, the newsletter for the Carson Scholars Fund, and conducts the University of Maryland Medical Center Chamber Players.
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