Other Selections by Joy Melissa Jensen

TitlePublication Date
Abraham Obeys God 01/2009
Daniel in the Lion's Den 01/2009
David and the Kingdom of Israel, Retold 01/2009
David Fights Goliath 01/2009
Elijah and the Great Prophets 05/2012
Elijah and the Great Prophets, Retold 01/2009
Elijah and the Jar of Oil 01/2009
Esther Saves Her People 01/2009
Famous People of the Bible, Display with 24x2 Books 01/2009
Gideon and the Small Army 01/2009
Gideon and the Times of the Judges, Retold 01/2009
Hannah Prays to God 01/2009
Jacob Returns Home 01/2009
Jesus and His Early Ministry, Retold 01/2009
Jesus Does Miracles and Heals People, Retold 01/2009
Jesus Is Risen, Retold 01/2009
Jesus Teaches His Disciples, Retold 01/2009
Jesus the Son of God 01/2009
John the Baptist Prepares the Way for the Lord 01/2009
Jonah and the Whale 01/2009
Joseph and the Hebrews in Egypt, Retold 01/2009
Joseph Becomes a Ruler 01/2009
Joshua and the Promised Land, Retold 01/2009
Joshua and the Walls of Jericho 01/2009
Martha and Her Sister Mary 01/2009
Mary Magdalene a Woman Who Loved Jesus 01/2009
Mary Mother of a King 01/2009
Moses and the People of God, Retold 01/2009
Moses Leads His People 01/2009
Noah and the Great Flood 01/2009
Noah and the People of Faith, Retold 01/2009
Paul and Ther Apostles Spread the Good News, Retold 01/2009
Paul Preaches God's Words 01/2009
Peter Walks on Water 01/2009
Ruth Takes Care of Naomi 01/2009
Samuel Hears God's Voice 01/2009
Solomon the Wise King 01/2009
Zacchaeus Meets Jesus and Repents 01/2009