John Leith
John Leith was ordained in the Presbyterian Church (PCUS) in 1943. He provided leadership in the struggle for civil rights in the late 40's and during the 50's. Leith taught theology as a visiting professor at Columbia Theological Seminary from 1955-57. He was Pemberton Professor of Theology at Union Theological Seminary in Virginia from 1959-1990 and is internationally known as a scholar on John Calvin. He is the author of Basic Christian Doctrine, Introduction to the Reformed Tradition, Crisis in the Church, and From Generation to Generation.
Other Selections by John Leith

TitlePublication Date
Basic Christian Doctrine 01/1993
Creeds of the Churches 11/1982
Crisis in the Church 06/1997
From Generation to Generation 09/1990
Introduction to the Reformed Tradition 03/1995
Pilgrimage of a Presbyterian 01/2001
Reformed Reader Volume 1: Classical Beginnings, 1519-1799 03/2002
The Reformed Imperative 06/1988