Michael Lawson
Mike Lawson launched MIX Books in 1996, (a spin off from MIX Magazine), publishing titles on music production, audio technology and entertainment business.  Lawson serves on the Advisory Board of TI:ME and Board of Directors for the TEC awards/MIX Foundation.
Other Selections by Michael Lawson

TitlePublication Date
D Is for Depression 12/2006
Living by God's Master Plan 01/2001
Nelson's Tech Guides: Audio, Video and Media in the Ministry 04/2010
Nelson's Tech Guides: Launching Your Internet Radio Ministry 04/2011
Nelson's Tech Guides: MACS in the Ministry 02/2010
Nelson's Tech Guides: Modern Media Projects for Youth Ministries 02/2011
Nelson's Tech Guides: Windows PCs in the Ministry 02/2010
Salvation 01/2005