Anne Lamott
Known for her incredible hair, honesty, deep spirituality and son, Sam. Lamott, though a woman of profound depth and insight, has the ability to speak to readers on the most personal and basic level. Her books are treasured, passed around, quoted and re-read until they fall apart.
Other Selections by Anne Lamott

TitlePublication Date
Bird by Bird 09/1995
Blue Shoe 09/2003
Finding God When You Don't Believe in God 04/2003
Grace (Eventually) 03/2008
Hallelujah Anyway 04/2017
Hallelujah Anyway: Rediscovering Mercy 04/2017
Help, Thanks, Wow 11/2012
Imperfect Birds 04/2010
Imperfect Birds 04/2011
Operating Instructions 03/2005
Plan B 04/2006
Small Victories 11/2014
Small Victories Audiobook 11/2014
Some Assembly Required 03/2012
Some Assembly Required 04/2013
Stitches 10/2013
Stitches Audiobook 10/2013
The Hope and Renewal Collection 01/2014
Traveling Mercies 02/2000