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Other Selections by Hans Kung

TitlePublication Date
A Global Ethic 12/1993
A Global Ethic for Global Politics and Economics 07/2010
Can We Save the Catholic Church? 02/2014
Christianity and World Religions 04/1993
Concilium 1990/2 02/1990
Concilium 1992/3 Fundamentalism as an Ecumenical Challenge 06/1992
Disputed Truth 06/2008
Disputed Truth 12/2009
Does God Exist? 09/2006
Dying with Dignity 02/1998
Global Responsibility 02/2004
Great Christian Thinkers 05/1994
Great Christian Thinkers 05/1994
Justification 03/2004
Mozart 02/1993
My Struggle for Freedom 09/2003
On Being a Christian 03/1984
On Being a Christian 07/2008
The Beginning of All Things 06/2008
The Catholic Church 01/2003
Tracing the Way 11/2001
Tracing the Way 10/2006
Why I Am Still a Christian 11/2005
Women in Christianity 04/2002
Women in Christianity 02/2005
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