Peter Kreeft
Peter J. Kreeft, (Ph.D., Fordham University), is professor of philosophy at Boston college where he has taught since 1965.  Kreeft has written more than fifty books, including, The Handbook of Christian Apologetics, (with Ronald Tacelli).
Other Selections by Peter Kreeft

TitlePublication Date
A Pocket Guide to the Meaning of Life 03/2007
A Pocket Guide to the Meaning of Life [ePub Ebook] 02/2007
A Refutation of Moral Relativism 10/1999
A Shorter Summa 04/1993
A Socratic Introduction to Plato's Republic 10/2016
A Summa of the Summa 10/1990
An Ocean Full of Angels 04/2011
Back to Virtue 10/1992
Before I Go 10/2007
Between Allah and Jesus 02/2010
Between Heaven and Hell 05/2008
Catholics and Protestants 03/2017
Christianity for Modern Pagans 09/1993
Fundamentals of the Faith 11/1988
Handbook of Catholic Apologetics 07/2009
Handbook of Christian Apologetics 03/1994
How to Be Holy 04/2016
How to Win the Culture War 05/2002
I Burned for Your Peace 08/2016
Jacob's Ladder 03/2013
Jesus-Shock 08/2008
Making Choices 01/1990
Making Sense Out of Suffering 07/1986
On the Shoulders of Hobbits 09/2012
One Catholic to Another 5-Pack 04/2010
Philosophy 101 by Socrates 08/2012
Pocket Handbook of Christian Apologetics 05/2003
Practical Theology 10/2014
Prayer for Beginners 02/2000
Sex Au Naturel [ePub Ebook] 03/2010
Socrates Meets Descartes 08/2012
Socrates Meets Hume 07/2012
Socrates Meets Jesus 01/2002
Socrates Meets Kant 08/2012
Socrates Meets Marx 08/2012
Socrates' Children 01/2015
Summa Philosophica 06/2012
The God Who Loves You 12/2004
The Journey 01/1997
The Philosophy of Tolkien 10/2005
The Sea Within 09/2006
The Snakebite Letters 11/2004
The Unaborted Socrates 07/1983
Three Approaches to Abortion 03/2002
Vibrant Paradoxes 04/2016
Yes or No? 03/1991
You Can Understand the Bible 06/2005
Your Questions, God's Answers 10/1994