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Other Selections by Immanuel Kant

TitlePublication Date
Basic Writings of Kant 07/2001
Critique of Pure Reason 02/1999
Foundations Of The Metaphysics of Morals 10/1989
Fundamental Principles of Metaphysics 03/1987
Introduction to the Metaphysics of Morals [Adobe Ebook] 01/2004
Kant 11/1998
Practical Philosophy 06/1999
Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics 04/2004
Religion Within Limits or Reason Alone 08/2008
The Critique of Judgement [Adobe Ebook] 01/2004
The Critique of Judgment 11/2000
The Critique of Pure Reason [Adobe Ebook] 07/2004
The Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals 06/2009
The Metaphysical Elements of Ethics [Adobe Ebook] 01/2004
Theoretical Philosophy after 1781 [Adobe Ebook] 07/1998