Jerry B. Jenkins
Jerry B. Jenkins, writer of the series, is the author of more than 150 books.  His books can be found regularly on the New York Times best seller lists.  He and his wife, Dianna, live in Colorado Springs.
Other Selections by Jerry B. Jenkins

TitlePublication Date
Busted! 02/2000
Darkening Skies 09/2001
Death Strike 02/2000
Desecration 10/2001
Earthquake! 10/2000
Escape from New Babylon 07/2002
Facing the Future 06/1998
Hometown Legend 08/2002
Into the Storm 10/2000
Left Behind 10/2001
Left Behind 10/2001
Nicolae High 08/1999
On the Run 06/2000
Pursued 10/2003
Rescued 01/2004
Second Chance 06/1998
Soon 05/2004
Soul Harvest 06/1998
Taken 10/2003
Terror in the Stadium 09/2001
The Left Behind Collection 09/2001
The Mark of the Beast 04/2003
The Road to War 09/2004
The Search 06/2000
The Showdown 01/2001
The Underground 08/1999
Though None Go with Me 08/2001