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Other Selections by Angela Elwell Hunt

TitlePublication Date
A Perfect Love 06/2002
A Warmth in Winter 02/2002
Beauty from the Inside Out 08/1993
By Dawn's Early Light 10/2000
Don't Bet against Me! [ePub Ebook] 10/2014
Don't Blink 09/2016
Grace in Autumn 06/2001
Hearts at Home 01/2003
If God is Real, Where on Earth is He? 05/2000
She Always Wore Red 05/2008
She's in a Better Place #3 02/2009
The Canopy 08/2003
The Case of the Mystery Mark 12/1993
The Case of the Phantom Friend 05/1991
The Case of the Teenage Terminator 07/1991
The Debt 02/2004
The Emerald Isle 09/1999
The Golden Cross 02/2010
The Immortal 07/2000
The Island of Heavenly Daze 01/2001
The Novelist 07/2006
The Secret of Cravenhill Castle 10/1993
The Silver Sword 06/2009
The Spear of Tyranny 10/2000
The Tale of Three Trees 09/2010
The Tale of Three Trees 25th Anniversary Edition 02/2014
The Truth Teller 01/2006
The Velvet Shadow 02/1999
Unspoken 05/2005
Why I Stayed 10/2010
Why I Stayed [ePub Ebook] 01/2010