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Other Selections by Bill Huebsch

TitlePublication Date
7 Key Principles 04/2004
A Pastor's Guide to Whole Community Catechesis 10/2004
Constitutions (Revised) (Revised) 10/2008
Desires of the Heart 02/2006
Divine Renovation Group Reading Guide 03/2015
Dreams and Visions 07/2007
Facilitator's Guide 12/2007
Grace 12/2009
Great Expectations 02/2010
Handbook for Success in Whole Community Catechesis 01/2004
Into the Fields 12/2007
Jesus, the Master Catechist 02/2015
On Care for Our Common Home 08/2015
Praying the Stations with Pope Francis 11/2014
Praying the Stations with Saint John XXIII 12/2013
The Art of Self-Giving Love 09/2013
The Art of Self-Giving Love 12/2013
The Council 03/2007
The Council [ePub Ebook] 01/1997
The Decrees and Declarations 07/2007
The General Directory for Catechesis in Plain English 01/2001
The Joy of the Gospel 03/2014
The Spiritual Wisdom of Saint John XXIII 02/2014
Vatican II in Plain English 01/2008