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Other Selections by Irene Howat

TitlePublication Date
100 Fascinating Bible Facts 08/2009
A Week in the Life of MAF 02/2006
An Irregular Candidate 02/2003
Bobby Boast a Lot 04/2005
Finding God in the Darkness 01/2001
George Muller the Children's Champion 03/2007
God Answers Prayer for Boys 09/2013
God Answers Prayer for Girls 09/2013
Granny Grump a Lot 04/2005
Harry Help a Lot 04/2005
In Strength Not Our Own 03/2008
Inspired by a Blank Screen 08/2007
Is There Anybody Out There? 01/2001
Isobel Kuhn Lights in Lisu Land 05/2004
James Chalmers 11/2006
John Newton 09/2003
Light in the City 08/2002
Light Keepers 01/2008
Lightkeepers 01/2008
Lorna Look a Lot 04/2005
Lucy Lie a Lot 04/2005
Miracles from Mayhem 07/2004
More Miracles from Mayhem 05/2009
My Beloved Russia 10/2005
On Fire 03/2012
On His Majesty's Service 07/2007
Patricia St. John 03/2008
Patricia St. John 01/2015
Renewing Broken Lives 12/2015
Robert Moffat 05/2014
Robert Murray McCheyne Life Is an Advent 07/2004
Stopped Work? Start Living! 05/2005
Streets Paved with Gold 07/2003
Ten Boys Who Changed the World 01/2006
Ten Boys Who Made a Difference 09/2004
Ten Boys Who Made History 03/2004
Ten Boys Who Used Their Talents 05/2006
Ten Girls Who Changed the World 05/2004
Ten Girls Who Made a Difference 07/2004
Ten Girls Who Used Their Talents 07/2006
Whitewashed Stairs to Heaven 02/2003
William Work a Lot 04/2005