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Other Selections by Victor Hoagland

TitlePublication Date
A Catholic Baby's Baptismal Bible 06/2003
Companion in Illness 09/1994
Confidence in God 03/2000
Following Jesus Christ 10/2001
Manual of Catholic Devotions 01/2005
Mary, the Mother of God 05/1999
Morning and Evening Prayer 06/2013
My Catholic Bible 06/2013
My Catholic Bible - Baptismal 06/2013
My Catholic Bible - Guardian Angel 06/2013
My Catholic Bible - Our Lady of Guadalupe 06/2013
My Catholic Prayer Book 06/2013
My Little Catholic Bible 06/2013
My Prayer Book Abridged Easy to Read Edition 12/2006
Prayers and Beliefs for Children 05/1997
The Book of Saints 03/1986
The Funeral Rites 03/2014
The Hail Mary 03/1997
The Illustrated Rosary 04/2004
The Illustrated Rosary for Children 02/2006
The Life of Jesus 08/1996
The Life of Mary 03/2000
The Our Father 03/1997
The Rosary 06/2013
The Scriptural Rosary 03/2000